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What Every Mom Needs to Know to Prepare for an out-of-hospital VBAC In Just TWO Weeks

Out-of-hospital birth is amazing! Out-of-hospital Vaginal Birth After C-Sections? Even more so! Surrounding yourself with as little or as many people as you want? Allowing your body to labor as long as it needs to with no external pressures?? Having a C-Section rate of only 5.3%???

Yes, please!


Want the freedom and luxury of laboring in any position you want from the comforts of your own home or beautiful, relaxing birthing center? With none of the bustling, beeps, and binds of a hospital?

Don't want to go through what Croatian moms did after an earthquake on March 22 that resulted in a maternity ward evacuating with their newborns into the freezing spring morning in an area already shut down by the Coronavirus. The health minister even said the words "Earthquakes are dangerous, but coronavirus is even more so”)

Out-of-hospital birth has so many wonderful perks!

But you wonder if homebirth is actually safe. What about uterine rupture? Does insurance even cover it?

Fortunately, as a mom in the 21st Century, you are in the perfect spot to educate yourself to make the best decisions for yourself & your baby (and transition from one option to another quickly & gracefully).

This online video course will take you through everything you need to know about transitioning from a hospital VBAC to an out-of-hospital birth. In just 2 weeks, you'll know the ins & outs of all your birthing options!

Learn how to find the best provider for your unique situation! Gain confidence in making the best decisions for your family! Face your fears head-on, and overcome obstacles to achieve the birth you have worked so hard for!


Awesome! Women like you get things done.

Enroll for only $197

If you aren't pleased with your enrollment by 14 days, you get your money back!

Bearfoot Mama14 Day Guarantee


Awesome! Women like you get things done.

Enroll for only $197

If you aren't pleased with your enrollment by 14 days, you get your money back!

Bearfoot Mama14 Day Guarantee

My course condenses 3 pregnancies & 168 hours of labor into just 8 lessons (4 hours)!

~ My Story ~

Hi, I'm Kimberly. I blog over at

I had my first C-Section & OBs told me I was "failure to progress" and my "pelvis was too small to fit Baby's head." My second C-Section was due to my baby's heart rate dropping below 90 after contractions. After that, my husband & I concluded it would probably be best to schedule my future C-Sections.

But something inside me wouldn't let me do that. Despite all apparent logic- and every OB telling me it would be best to schedule my C-Section- when I got pregnant with Baby #3, I felt this intense, burning, unignorable drive to have a VBA2C.

After switching providers over & over with promises of giving me the care I needed, then saying it wasn't allowed, I was frustrated- to say the least.

So, at 36 weeks I transferred to a birthing center.

If you find yourself in this situation due to COVID-19 or other situations, this course is for you.

Here's what you'll learn...


Finding the Best Providers

I'll walk you through knowing how to pick your midwives (CPM? CNM? LDM?), choosing a doula, and what to do with your OB.


Choosing the Best Location

In this lesson, we will discuss how delivering at home or at a birthing center is different than in a hospital, and the pros & cons of each.


Resources & Items Needed to Prepare for Birthing at Home

From books to ball chairs to online courses, we'll cover all the things you'll use to make delivering out-of-hospital easier & faster. We will also discuss the importance of fleshing out past traumas & working through fears- because you don't just have hypothetical ones, you have "been there, done that!" real experiences & blocks that can resurface.


Simple Life Changes to Ease Vaginal Delivery

Nervous about getting tired during labor without an epidural or Baby going into distress? Here we will talk about small, incremental changes you can make to ensure your body is healthy & Baby stays happy. From nutrition tips to resting positions.


Handling the Unexpected

We will take a break from dreaming about ideal situations and hit potential twists & turns on the head. Going overdue, hospital transfers, and repeat C-Sections will be addressed here.


C-Section Moms Most Common Fears

Tearing and pushing and sex... Oh my! We will examine the most common fears C-Section moms have about vaginal delivery.

Lesson One: Finding the Best home birth/birthing center VBAC Providers Black and white photo of couple holding hands while mother holds baby


Techniques for Labor

Worried about Baby getting stuck again or that your pelvis is too small? Here we will conquer diagnosis myths & go over amazing techniques to get your pelvis to open wide and your baby to stay in the optimal position. We will also address what practices to avoid as a VBAC mom to reduce any chance of uterine rupture.


Postpartum Recovery after VBAC

In this final lesson, we'll review the best postpartum care practices and how homebirth & birthing center midwives handle the postpartum period. (Hint: it's better than the "Good-bye. See you in 6 weeks," OBs or CNMs do)

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To Sum It All Up

Not only is this the first course anything like this & designed specifically for VBAC moms, but I will personally be with you every step of the way. Two weeks from now, you will be equipped with the information you need to make the smoothest transition to out-of-hospital birth.

What's included?

• 4 Hours of Instructional Videos

• Access to the private Facebook group

• Personalized answers to your questions & concerns

• Gaining peace & clarity for whether home birth or birthing center is best for you

Watch the 8 videos an unlimited number of times! I will be in the FB group regularly to answer any questions or concerns that aren't covered in the videos. I am committed to educating & informing you about all the options available to help you make the best decisions for your family!

Questions? Send me an email at

What others are saying...

I hope you listen real close to Kimberly. 

Not only is this a topic she’s passionate about, she also has first-hand experience with what she is teaching. She knows the mental battle that can come up because she has been there. More importantly, she knows how to guide you to take the steps from where you’re at to where you want to be. 

Stay Calm. Birth On. ♥️

~Roxanna Maurer  Angel Baby Midwifery, CPM 

As a doula I seek excellent resources to help educate families. Kimberly has incredible knowledge about VBAC that helped me serve a family who had not done their research. From Kimberly’s instruction I was able to make sure safe practices were used for a great vbac experience. Thanks Kimberly, your extensive research will help a lot of people you’ll probably never meet!

~ Kristy Burtenshaw LMT, Doula, Certified practitioner in Ida Rolf’s method of Structural Integration 

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If you aren't pleased with your enrollment by 14 days, you get your money back!

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